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Bjelasnica and Igman
Bjelasnica and Igman
Bjelasnica and Igman mountains are very popular winter resorts located only 25 km from Sarajevo. These two mountains were the host of the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984, featuring Alpine and Nordic skiing and ski jumping competitions.
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The mountain range stretches over 300 kilometers and features the mixture of the Mediterranean and Continental climate. Bjelasnica is thus known to have all four seasons in a single day. The Meteorological Observatory was built at the mountain’s top in 1984.

Bjelasnica and Igman are covered in a thick snow cover (135 cm) for approximately 200 days a year. The mountains have around 25 kilometers of very good skiing trails, hotel accommodation and other amenities. Bjelasnica’s skiing slopes start at the highest peak (2067 meters) and finish at Babin Do (1266 meters).
Abundant forests with various and lush flora and fauna species, and superb landscapes make this natural resort ideal for hunting, hiking, paragliding, horseback riding, mountain biking, quad riding, etc. High biodiversity is recorded at Babin do and the Ravna vala rain-forest. 

Bjelasnica has eight ski lifts and cable cars, as well as challenging slopes. Igman has an extremely high ozone level and is ideal for sport team trainings. Veliko polje was a venue of Nordic skiing competition in 1984; together with Bjelasnica it has over 50 km of Nordic skiing slopes and 160 km of mountain biking trails with markings. Mraziste (thermal inversion phenomena) is located at Igman. The lowest temperature is -43.5 °C recorded in January, 1963. Due to such conditions, a silver fox-run had been established here. Malo polje is connected with Babin dol via bicycle trails. Remains of the two skiing jumps (70 and 90 meters) built for the purposes of the Winter Olympics are still visible.  

Skiing on our Olympic resorts is affordable. 
Full-day ski pass costs 30 KM (15 euro; 35 KM/18 euro on weekends), two-hour pass 15 KM (8 euro), two-day pass 60 KM (30 euro), seven-day pass 180 KM (90 euro), 100-points pass 100 KM (50 euro), and a season pass with photo identification 690 KM (350 euro). Children can ski whole day for 21 KM (11 euro; 25 KM/13 euro on weekends); two-hour ski pass for children costs 13 KM (7 euro). Baby lift full-day ski pass costs 8 KM (4 euro), and a single ride costs 1 KM (0,5 euro). 

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