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Cathedral of the Sacred Jesus’ Heart
Cathedral of the Sacred Jesus’ Heart
With the arrival of the Austro Hungarians to Sarajevo in 1878, the Catholic community increased in numbers. During the Ottoman period, the community mostly settled around the Parish Church in the Latinluk Quarter (right bank of the Miljacka River).
Location: Old Town
The new administration decided to build a new Parish Church to meet the needs of an increased number of Catholics.

The construction location was carefully chosen to avoid violation of other religious monuments and to accomplish multi-religious mosaic Sarajevo has always been known for. The cathedral was designed by Josip Vancas and constructed in cut stone resembling Neo-Gothic style. Two towers over 40 meters high dominate the front. The cathedral was completed in 1889, and dedicated by the Archbishop Josip Strossmayer.

The Cathedral of Jesus' Heart is the main Catholic church. The Catholic Theological Faculty and Seminary and the Archbishop’s residence are located nearby. A statue dedicated to Pope II who stayed at the Archbishop’s residence during his visit to Sarajevo in 1996 and 2003 is placed at the square in front of the cathedral. This square with many summer outdoor cafes and restaurants, along with the Strossmayer Street, heading from the cathedral’s entrance, is one of the favorite gathering places for locals and visitors.