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City Hall
City Hall
The building is an architectural masterpiece of pseudo-Moorish style designed by Alexander Wittek in 1892, and completed by Ciril Ivekovic. Wittek traveled to Cairo twice in order to study styles and techniques.
Location: Old Town
Mosque and Madrasah of Hasan II was the model he referred to in his design for the City Hall. Allegedly, Wittek was disturbed that the auditorium does not have enough light and eventually committed suicide. The design was completed by Ciril M. Ivekovic.

During the siege of Sarajevo, this cultural and historical monument was burnt down, along with the collections of the National and University Library (which was at the time seated within the City Hall). The City Hall was recently renovated and remains one of the most impressive attractions in Sarajevo. It is a symbol of education, hope, art, culture, history, beauty…

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