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City Hall
City Hall
The need to construct a new building for the city administration came along with the Austro-Hungarian conquerors. The area of a medieval village (Brodac), where Isa-Bey’s Ishakovic established the city itself in the 15th c...
Location: Old Town
...was identified as ideal for the new government. The Austro-Hungarians bought off several buildings and two inns and designated Alexander Wittek as the main architect. He chose the pseudo-Moorish style for one of the most expensive projects in the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time. Allegedly, Wittek was a perfectionist so he even projected the number of bricks that would be used to build the City Hall with a variation of only 3 bricks.

This grand architectural project was completed in 1896. Wittek did not live to see the completion. Due to his perfectionism, he could have not accepted the fact that the City Hall’s Auditorium did not have enough light. He considered this irreparable, had a nervous breakdown and committed suicide. Ciril M. Ivekovic took over the work, and found a simple solution and designed a glass-dome.

During the siege of Sarajevo, this cultural and historical monument was burnt down, along with the collections of the National and University Library (which was at the time seated within the City Hall). The City Hall was recently renovated (2014) and remains one of the most impressive attractions in Sarajevo. It is a symbol of education, hope, art, culture, history, beauty…

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