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Dariva Promenade and Babin zub Rock
Dariva Promenade and Babin zub Rock
The old road stretching from the city pool (locally known as Bentbasa) up the Miljacka River leads towards Dariva and Kozija cuprija Bridge (Goat’s Bridge).
Location: Old Town
It is an 8-km walking and bicycle riding trail. The first section of the Promenade is the Ambassadors’ Alley, where a new sprout is planted in the honor of every new ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Up to today, there are 163 trees. You can rest on one of the benches along the river bank or choose one of the barbecue sites and have a perfect day out with your friends and family.

After you pass the Austro-Hungarian tunnel you will see a tall pointy rock "Babin zub” (mentioned under the name "Cleopatra’s Pin” in Austro-Hungarian documents). Often, you will encounter professional rock climbers and adventurers showing off their climbing skills as you walk by. The Dariva Promenade ends with Kozija cuprija Bridge built in the first half of 16th century on the famous Istanbul Road. It is one of the most beautiful single span stone bridges in the country, assumed to have been built by the endowment of Mehmed-Pasha Sokolovic, the grand vizier.
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