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Gimnazijska Street
Gimnazijska Street
Gimnazijska Street was named after three schools running along the street length: Prva gimnazija (First Gymnasium established in 1879), Preparandija (present-day Safvet-Bey Basagic Primary School) and the Applied Arts School.
Location: Old Town
The three schools together with the Officers' Casino (today, the Army Hall) were the first complex built according to the principles of the Austro-Hungarian architecture.

The first building was built in 1881 and it was the centre of the city’s social life where exhibitions, panels and concerts took place.  The First Gymnasium was founded in 1879 by the decree of the National Government. The building was built in 1889 and the country's two Nobel Prize winners, Ivo Andric (Noble Prize for Literature, 1961 for his novel "The Bridge on the Drina”) and Vladimir Prelog (Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1975), attended this school. Two contemporary writers Aleksandar Hemon and Miljenko Jergovic were also students of this school.

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