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Hadzici & Megara Cave
Hadzici & Megara Cave
Hadzici is a little town located on the Sarajevo – Mostar Highway at the foot of Igman and Bjelasnica mountains, approximately 20 km from Sarajevo.
Location: Natural Sites & Mountains
In addition to the near-by Olympic Mountains, there is a nice skiing slope with a ski lift and a mountain hut at Savnici. Megara Cave, also known as Kuvija Cave, is located on the northwest slopes of Orlovac, Mt. Preslica (extending west from the Bjelasnica mountain range).

The cave’s morphology reveals a straight 220-meters long passage. There are several chambers inside with interesting cave paintings resembling mythical animals and findings of cave bears (Ursus spelacus) from the Ice Age. Hadzici is known for good hunting and fishing spots, rich natural heritage and delicious organic milk products.