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Hajji Sinan’s Tekke
Hajji Sinan’s Tekke
The Tekke was built by Hadzi Sinan Aga, a wealthy merchant from Sarajevo, or his son Mustafa-Pasha, who was silahdar – an officer in charge of the weapons at Murad IV Sultan’s Court, from 1638 to 1640.
Location: Old Town
The tekke is comprised of several rooms: a room where the Dervish prayer "zikr” is performed (semanhana), sheik’s residence, inn for visitors (musafirhana), an open area leading to a chimney for coffee making through a small narrow corridor.

Calligraphic inscriptions found around the entrance as well as the tekke courtyard are very valuable. There are over a hundred inscriptions and they are among the most precious art works of this type. In addition to regular dervish rituals, the tekke gathered Sufis (mysticism) who practiced tesavuf (mysticism), read and studied works in Persian, Turkish and Arabic.

The tekke was also gathering numerous poets, among them the famous poet and sheik Hasan Kaimija. Next to the tekke, there is a small cemetery with Hajji Sinan and his wife’s tombs.