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Marienhof (Marijin dvor)
Marienhof (Marijin dvor)
Architecture lovers will love this impressive residential-commercial building built between 1885 and 1899. Mary's Court is the largest palace in the city designed by Karl Pařík in Late Historicism style.
Location: Centre
It was built by the order of an eminent Austrian businessman August Brown. Immense love for his wife inspired him to immortalize it in the form of this beautiful historic building named Marienhof (Marijin dvor) after her.

Across the street, there is another residential-commercial building – Halid's Court. It was built in 1923 for a wealthy Sarajevan, Mustafa Hadzibascausevic. The building was designed by Josef Gramer. August Brown also built a few factories. The brick factory was the largest one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it was located in the present-day Ciglane settlement (bhs cigla – brick; the settlement was erected in the 1970s).

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