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Sarajevo Brewery
Sarajevo Brewery
Sarajevo Brewery was built in 1882 as a private ownership of the Viennese industrialist, Heinrich Lewy.There was another brewery established even earlier, in 1864 by a wealthy merchant and industrialist, Josef Feldbauer at Kovacici.
Location: Old Town
The Sarajevo Brewery has a Pivnica HS (Brewery) restaurant offering excellent food, good beer and is the only Bosnian brewery that produces dark beer.

Brewery’s noteworthy and exciting history is now on display in a unique tourist attraction souvenir shop-museum. Interesting artefacts such as beer bottles from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and collection of beer labels divided into different periods are available daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The entry fee is 5 KM and includes Brewery’s delicious beer or juice. Entry fee with one of four Brewery’s incredibly tasty lunch menus are available at the price of 25 KM per person. Entrance for 12&U children is free of charge. 
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