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Seven Brothers Turbeh
Seven Brothers Turbeh
The Turbeh is a tomb monument "Jedileri” located in the yard of the Cokadzi haji Suleiman’s Mosque (known as Jedileri Mosque). The mosque dates back to 1538 and the Turbeh was built upon Suleiman-Pasha Skopljak’s order in 1815.
Location: Old Town
A famous legend says that one of the sheiks who accompanied Sultan Fatih on his arrival to Sarajevo was buried here. Later, two dervishes allegedly wrongly accused of stealing money were killed and buried here. As well as four captains who were murdered upon the order of Mustafa-Pasha Dalbatan after they were accused that they did not announce the march of Eugene of Savoy and his troops to Sarajevo in 1679 on time. 

Legend has it that anyone who makes a wish, throws in a coin and prays, will soon see the wish granted.