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Tsar’s Mosque
Tsar’s Mosque
Tsar's Mosque was built on a site of the former wooden mosque with a hip roof built by Isa-Bey Ishakovic in 1457. The mosque was dedicated to Fatih Sultan Mehmet II and therefore later became known among people as Tsar's mosque/Careva dzamija.
Location: Old Town
Next to the mosque, Isa-Bey Ishakovic ordered the construction of a hamam (spa), bridge over the Miljacka River and the Kolobara Stone Inn (caravanserai) across the River, with many shops inside and outside the caravanserai.

This has become the oldest quarter in Sarajevo known as the Tzar’s Quarter. Present-day mosque is a 1566 edition built upon request of Sarajevans by the grant of Suleiman the Magnificent. The octagon minaret is one of the most beautiful ones in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mosque yard has a cemetery with over a hundred tombs, one of them assumed to belong to Isa-bey Ishakovic.