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Villages on Bjelasnica Mt.
Bjelasnica Plateau stretches north of Bjelasnica, east of Treskavica, south of Visocica and west of the Obalj mountain. The area in the southeast part of Bjelasnica, in the upper Rakitnica River section is a home to several villages: Umoljani, Kramari, Lukavac, Brda, Milesici, Sabici and Rakitnica on the right, and Bobovica and Tusila on the left river bank.

Lukomir and Umoljani are the two villages which have been inhabited for several hundred years. The villages are located on the southern slopes of Bjelasnica, 1472 m, and are the symbol of the traditional way of living.

Hadzici & Megara Cave
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Lukomir Village
Location: Natural Sites & Mountains