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European Jerusalem
Bosnia and Herzegovina was a home to many tribes and their cults prior to the arrival of Christianity. The Bosnian Church was a Bogumil church, and as such considered heretical by the Orthodox and the Catholic Church. With the arrival of Ottomans in 1462, Bogumils converted to Islam.

Ottomans built many sacral monuments: Ghazi Husrev-Bey’s Mosque and numerous other Muslim sacral buildings; These buildings together with several Jewish temples (with the arrival of Sephardic Jews), Latinluk Quarter with a small Parish Church, and the Old Orthodox Church at Bascarsija have created a multicultural ambiance. This multicultural mosaic was enriched with the New Orthodox Cathedral built in the late Ottoman era, and the Catholic Cathedral built in early Austro Hungarian era. Sarajevo has become a place where Catholics, Muslims, Jews and Orthodox live together. At the time, Europe saw no such case of having all four monotheistic religions’ sacral monuments in one place.

For over four centuries, Sarajevo has been the city of multiculturalism. In one single street, one can step into a mosque, synagogue, Catholic or Orthodox church.