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Goat’s Bridge (Kozija cuprija)
Goat’s Bridge (Kozija cuprija)
The Goat’s Bridge was built in the first half of 16th century on the famous Istanbul road, east of the city and it represents one the most beautiful small stone bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Location: Old Town
It is a single span bridge with two "eyes” (round flood openings) built in limestone. It is assumed to have been built in the 16th century by the endowment of Mehmed-Pasha Sokolovic, the grand vizier.

According to an old custom, viziers were greeted at this bridge by Agas, Beys with their army, and craftsmen bringing gifts to vizier, whereas visitors, merchant and pilgrims from Hajj were greeted by their family. There is also a legend related to this bridge which says that two brothers, Sinan and Mehmed, took their cattle to pasture near Jarcedoli. One day, on their way to a pasture, a goat stopped to feed and dug out a hidden treasure. The brothers were incredibly glad to see the fortune and promised to build a bridge and a mosque.

Hadzi Sinan Kecedzi Mosque remains to this day at Bistrik, and bridge is symbolically named after the legend – the Goat’s Bridge.