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Ghazi Husrev-Bey’s Mosque
Ghazi Husrev-Bey’s Mosque
This is the most significant Islamic monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina built in 1531 as the endowment of Ghazi Husrev Bey. He was a famous Sanyak Bey, commander, constructor and benefactor.
Location: Old Town
During his role as a governor, performed from 1521 to 1541, he had many buildings constructed around this mosque, and is considered a founder of the first cultural, economic and educational institutions in Sarajevo.

Ghazi Husrev-Bey's Mosque is one of the most beautiful examples of the 16th c. Islamic architecture and resembles an early Istanbul style. It was designed by a famous Persian architect from Tabriz, Ajem Esir Ali. The complex consists of an impressive Sadirvan (public fountain), located in the center of the courtyard, absolution room with hot water, timing room (muvakithana), clock tower (Sahat-kula), the minaret, and the former site of old Islamic primary school (mekteb). It also contains a small cemetery (turbeh) which includes tombs of Ghazi Husrev-Bey and Murat-Bey Tardic.